Wednesday, October 1, 2014


^^^ Greta was a little under the weather last week. ^^^
Her right eye was sealed shut with green gunk every morning
until we took her to see Dr. Pearson and he prescribed her some drops.

^^^ Last Wednesday we celebrated Rosh Hashanah with my family ^^^
and Greta was so excited she literally could not sit still.
Homegirl was EVERYWHERE!
When she wasn't toting around her new pink purse (left),
she was carrying her cousins, Macklin and Dempsey, around to join in on the fun (right).

^^^ She followed Mimi around and wanted to "help" before all the guests arrived. ^^^

^^^ But after a little bit of work, she decided to take it upon herself ^^^
to relax by the television in the big, comfy chair.
Mimi was a nervous wreck about Greta having those remote controls.
Hopefully, GG didn't mess up any presets too bad.
If you are reading, sorry Mimi!

^^^ GG looking at a picture of me from our wedding day. ^^^
She kept trying to swipe the picture.

^^^ At this point in the evening, GG was kind of wearing me out. ^^^
So... we took it to the streets!
She walked and talked all over that cul-de-sac.

^^^ And then she started a family dance party. ^^^

^^^ But quickly decided we were not as good as her, ^^^
and separated herself to put on a solo performance.

^^^ When cousin Brookie arrived, GG wanted to show off her new cross body bag ^^^
and stole Brooke's pretty jewelry.
It was the highlight of Greta's life, I am pretty sure.

^^^ Eventually GG's little eyes got red and puffy ^^^
and I knew it was time to take 
the wild woman home.

^^^ As we pulled into our driveway, ^^^
we discovered some visitors by our front door.
In our neighborhood, lives a family of sweet (pretty domesticated) deer.
Here are two of the three, oh, and a pretty decent picture of our home!
(I am still working on updating the home pictures.
And by "working on" I mean I haven't done a single thing
… but its on my mind. Promise.)

^^^ Thursday evening, Alex and I went to see the Head and the Heart ^^^
perform at Iroquois Amphitheater.
Oh, man!
They were goooooooood!

^^^ While we were at the concert, ^^^
our sweetest, dearest babysitter 
C L E A N E D 
our house!
I should have been embarrassed but it was such a sweet surprise,
I was overjoyed!
I mean she organized my closet, MADE OUR BED,
wiped down our counters, and lit candles around the house.
That Carly is one GEM of a girl.

^^^ Friday morning GG decided to pop her collar before going to school. ^^^
Our little prepster.

^^^ I had the absolute pleasure of meeting precious baby Theo Friday night. ^^^
Oh, he is such a sweet little butter ball.
I am in absolute awe of his courageous and gorgeous mama.
I cannot wait to watch this child grow
and feel privileged to witness Carson and Blaine parent.

^^^ Last week I painted my second house portrait! ^^^
Y'all, these are SO FUN!
Ask me to do more! (Haha J/K, but not really.)

^^^ Over the weekend, I baked two different gluten-free cookies. ^^^
Dare I admit they are already gone?
(And I was the only one who ate them.)

I am planning to bake some more this weekend (don't judge)
 and I promise to share the recipe
because they are that good!

^^^ Is this how all the cool bloggers take photos? ^^^
Why is mine not looking as cool as theirs?! ;)

^^^ In addition to baking, I also did a little DIYing ^^^
I spray painted a ball jar ballerina slipper pink
and then used a nail file to scratch off some of the paint to make it look distressed.
Then I filled it with collected flowers from our garden.
Easy peasy and super pretty.
More of these will be made in my future.

^^^ A student made this BEAUTIFUL hand cut leaf for me ^^^
out of scrapbook paper and an exacto knife.
I immediately went searching for the perfect frame,
and lo and behold, Walmart came through for me!

^^^ Greta was a little restless Sunday, so we took her up to my school's track ^^^
and let her run free. I think cheerleading might be in this girl's future because she had no interest 
in running the field, but clapping, stomping, and "Wooo"ing were thoroughly enjoyed.

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