Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Student Work: AP Concentrations

Before winter break, my AP 3D students
submitted the first three pieces of their concentration.
The concentration portion of their portfolio
is all about a sustained investigation of one design element and/or idea.
Our goal for the year is 10 pieces per concentration,
but since College Board leaves the number to be included unspecified
(they only require 12 images, but do not require a certain number of pieces)
some students will have less than 10 and some will end up with more.

^^^ Tess ^^^
Geometric abstractions with an emphasis on line and shadow.

^^^ Sydney ^^^
Dysfunctional furniture with an emphasis on activating space.

^^^ Paige ^^^
Mental Disorders:
OCD, Depression, Bulimia

^^^ Lucas ^^^
Combining new and old technology.

^^^ Slade ^^^
Hand-carved miniature "weapons" reminiscent of ancient artifacts.

^^^ Mary ^^^
Hand-dyed textiles used to create layered wearable art.

^^^ Madison ^^^
Inspired by the solar-sytem, Madison is creating abstract sculptures
using stained glass and light.

^^^ Kainat ^^^
Abstract orb installations exploring texture and rhythm.

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