Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Honest Truth

One of my nearest and dearest's has cancer.

Beautiful Jenna found out she had colon cancer a few weeks ago.
Several days ago, she learned the cancer had spread
to several places in her chest, abdomen, and pelvis.
It has been determined as Stage 4.

To say I am heartbroken, is an understatement.
I am so devastated that my dear Jenna has to face this storm,
but I am so encouraged by the ways the Lord 
has already brought himself glory through this trial.
I cling to the hope of His power and grace.
He has made His presence known,
and is actively pursuing J's heart.
He has brought me to my knees as I draw near in prayer for her.

You may remember Jenna as my most-talented photographer friend
I have always told Jenna that her beautiful photographs 
are a lovely glimpse into her soul. 
She finds beauty in the everyday.
She creates beauty out of the ordinary.
Her photographs pour out the gentleness of her spirit
and the purity she stores in her soul.

She is a tremendous woman.
One of strength and dignity,
compassion and kindness.

Her beautiful smile is always quick to greet you,
her attentive ears are always quick to listen,
and her generous heart is always quick to forgive.

We have wept together, laughed together,
mourned together, and celebrated together.
We have danced, prayed, and slept in the same bed together.

She is more than a friend. She is a sister.

Please join me in praying for beautiful Jenna and her family:
husband, Blake, and daughter, Anna Claire (10 months).

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