Friday, April 24, 2015


Love these women and our stair-step children.
(Anna Claire (1), Jenna, Me, Greta (2), Chelsea, and newborn Ava)

^^^ Celebrating Anna Claire's first birthday ^^^

^^^ Greta legit thought these bloomers were a hat. ^^^

^^^ GG showing Mimi all of Easter basket goodies ^^^

^^^ Besties for life ^^^

^^^ Sunday morning comics ^^^

^^^ GG modeling her Easter outfit ^^^

^^^ Look at Mimi's flexibility! ^^^
Painting session in Mimi's kitchen.

^^^ Slides are GG's new favorite thing.^^^
On a rainy day, we went to Oxmoor Mall and played on their indoor playground.

^^^ Celebrating Mimi's birthday at Village Anchor ^^^

^^^ Barnes and Noble date with Jack ^^^

^^^ Is Mackie Lane not the most beautiful child? ^^^
But, I mean, look at her momma!
I loved visiting with my bestie Alli in Danville, KY
while she was in the state visiting her in-laws.

^^^ Walking Bridge with cousin Brookie ^^^

^^^ This girl is too cool for school. ^^^
She loves a pair of shades and any item of pocketed clothing.

^^^ Celebrating the end of the day! ^^^

^^^ Can you say, 'Two peas in a pod?' ^^^

^^^ I just can't get over how old this girl is looking these days. ^^^
She will forever and always be my baby,
but she is definitely turning into a beautiful little girl.

^^^ Evening walk with Mimi, ^^^
walking stick and all.

^^^ 2 going on 16 ^^^
Slow down, baby! Slow down!

^^^ Hmmm… What should we do? ^^^

^^^ Sweeping ^^^

^^^ Ready to play golf ^^^

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