Wednesday, April 29, 2015

AP Portfolio: Sydney

It's that {very stressful} time of the year again.
The time of year that my AP students 
have been equally dreading and eagerly anticipating
since the beginning of the year.

It is time for AP portfolio submissions.

I have 12 AP students this year.
I would love to highlight all of their work.
It is a great way to see their portfolio all together in one post
and gives me a chance to reflect upon the year.

I will start by showcasing Sydney's portfolio.


^^^ Cut styrofoam cup ^^^

^^^ Altered book ^^^

^^^ Broken clock ^^^

^^^ Paper mache & yarn ^^^

^^^ Toothpicks and spray paint ^^^

^^^ Paper bags ^^^

^^^ Cardboard ^^^

^^^ Pantyhose, found objects, and paint ^^^

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