Saturday, May 23, 2015

According to Greta

Greta is at the most fun age.
She is saying the most darling things.
On our way to school, Greta saw a school bus out the window.
Greta: School bus! School bus!
Me: Oh, boy! Where do you think that school bus is going?
Greta: Costco
While on a walk, we stumbled upon some fallen leaves that had been crumpled up.
Greta started picking up all the little pieces and tossing them in the air like confetti.
Greta: Birds, come get your crumbs!
Me: I think birds eat worms, Greta.
Greta: No. Birds, come get your crumbs for breakfast!
On our way to school, I looked back at Greta and could see she was pretending to drive the car.
She was moving her arms around like she was turning the steering wheel.
Me: Greta, are you driving?
Greta: No, Mommy. I am too big to drive.

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