Wednesday, June 3, 2015

According to Greta

When offered a cookie.
Greta: I like them SO much.

In the Target parking lot.
Me: Greta, are you ready to go to Target?
Greta: No.
Me: But, it's TARGET! It will be fun. Let's go.
Greta: No, I stay here. I'm good.
Me: You want me to leave you in the car while I go into Target?
Greta: Yeah. I stay here. I'm good.

When pushing any button (doorbell, microwave, etc.).
Greta: I push the BUTT!

When pointing at her belly button...
Greta: My belly butt.

When hearing any unfamiliar sound.
Greta: Who's that guy?
(usually there is no man in sight)

After Daniel Tiger explained that when you are scared,
you should close your eyes and think of something happy.
Greta (with her eyes closed): PACI!!!

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