Sunday, June 7, 2015


^^^ Friday evening I babysat for a friend. ^^^
Reagan and I discovered this fawn in the back yard.
It was precious, especially when it got spooked and ran off.

^^^ Saturday evening a friend hosted a painting and wine party. ^^^
This was the wine served. It is my new favorite.

^^^ We painted al fresco on her amazing deck. ^^^

^^^ I taught all the girls how to paint monograms. ^^^

^^^ They all turned out quite lovely. ^^^

^^^ Sunday afternoon GG and I went swimming with ^^^
Debbie, David, and Ethan. It was a perfect day.
GG learned how to swim and kick and blow bubbles.

^^^ On Sunday I also went to visit Spring Run Farm ^^^
for my very first horse show. 
My dad's girlfriend, Susan, is the owner.
Her farm is absolutely beautiful and the show was a fantastic experience.

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