Tuesday, July 7, 2015

According to Greta

Greta has gotten into the convenient habit of having 
breakfast (waffles) in the car on her way to school. 
By the time I pick her up after school it is usually
her snack time, 
so I offer her something left over from her lunch on the way home.
I really hadn't thought much of it until recently.
Now, every time I get her buckled into her seat, 
Needless to say, she now thinks the car is a diner.

The other day we went to H&M for a little shopping trip.
The one in own has an elevator near the checkout line.
We were in line waiting to make a purchase.

Greta: Mommy, that man is elegator.
Me: You see an alligator? 
Looking around for an alligator print.
Greta: No, Mommy. That man is elegator.
Greta: Elegator, Mommy. Elegator.
She points to a man waiting by the elevator.
Me: Oh, yes, Greta. That man is waiting for the eleVator.

While holding GG in a tank top, 
she started rubbing my arm. 
Her fingers found their way to my armpit.
Greta: Yucky.
Greta: Arm, Mommy. Yucky.
Me: My armpit is yucky?
Greta: It's diiiiiiirty.

At a stoplight (I swear), I checked my phone.
Greta: No texting, Mommy!

The other day I took Greta's picture and my phone's flash went off.
Greta: Uh-oh, Mommy, THUNDER!
Me: Greta, I think you mean lightning, but it was just Mommy's flash.
Greta: No, Mommy, THUNDER!

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