Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Scrapbook: Summer (so far)

I am a little behind on the scrapbook posts.
So here is a major photo dump (not in chronological order)!

^^^ With all of this summer's humidity, GG has had curls for days ^^^

^^^ Holding on tight to her Debbie ^^^

^^^ Sleeping in the car with Baby Greta (her doll) ^^^

^^^ My cousin, Brooke, moved to Chicago at the end of May. ^^^
Her apartment is darling, and I was quite impressed with her closet!

^^^ Chicago art fair with cousin Brookie and cousin Jonathan ^^^

^^^ The newest Perellis band ^^^
We've got Macklin on drums, Dempsey on backup drums,
Greta as the onstage dancer, and Brett as crowd control.

^^^ The boys studying their donuts before DEVOURING them. ^^^

^^^ Mommy-daughter digging time. ^^^

^^^ When Poppy was our chauffeur, ^^^
Greta demanded that we held hands in the back seat. 
I didn't mind one bit.

^^^ Happy Poppy. Not-so-happy GG. ^^^

^^^ Playing zoo in Dempsey's pack-n-play. ^^^ 
I was a sleepy lion.

^^^ On a recent play-date, GG made her friend, Reagan, kiss her boo boo ^^^
which just so happened to be located on her foot.
So, she made Reagan kiss her foot.
Start 'em young! #PrincessForLife

^^^ It's been a pretty wet summer so far. ^^^
GG doesn't mind as long as we play in the puddles!

^^^ Trying to play "ball" but it's a little difficult when the ball is the size of your body. ^^^

^^^ Naked yoga ^^^

^^^ Exercises with Mimi ^^^

^^^ Waiting for the pool to open. ^^^

^^^ Naked puddle jumper ^^^

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