Thursday, July 9, 2015


^^^ At the end of June, I spent five amazing days in NYC with nine amazing students! ^^^

We explored museums, shops, boroughs, restaurants, monuments, and parks together.
We traveled with EF Explore America and had an wonderful tour guide named Alan.
From the time we landed in Laguardia until five days later when we were dropped off there again,
EF had us covered. We saw all that we came to see and more.

This is a trip I plan on repeating!

^^^ Sitting on the castle in Central Park ^^^

^^^ Central Park ^^^
Where Chuck and Blair get married in Gossip Girl.

^^^ Central Park ^^^

^^^ The whole gang at the top of the Empire State Building ^^^

^^^ The NOHS NYC crew ^^^
Me, Maddy, Emma, Holly, Chloe, Fallon
Kaitlyn, Katherine, Mary, Anne

^^^ We visited the MET, MOMA, and Guggenheim ^^^
One of my favorite exhibits was Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans at the MOMA.

^^^ The Guggenheim had some very thought-provoking work. ^^^
I was so glad my students were being exposed to this level of art.
I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits.

^^^ Rockefeller Center ^^^

^^^ Me with my girl, Madeline, in Brooklyn ^^^

^^^ Brooklyn Bridge ^^^

^^^ Chelsea Market used to be the Nabisco factory. ^^^

^^^ "Graffiti" art on the High Line ^^^

^^^ I stumbled upon these sculptures in a small park in Greenwich Village. ^^^
We do a life-casting project in my 3D Art class.
I can't wait to show these images to my classes next school year.

^^^ Charming streets in Greenwich Village ^^^

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