Sunday, November 1, 2015

According to GG...

Goodness, me! I wish I could write down every word she says every day.
Her comprehension + imagination creates some pretty hilarious combos.
She listens to everything 
and understands so much 
(much more than I would've ever thought).
But her imagination runs wild. 
She applies her new vocabulary at the funniest of times.

For example...

I gave Greta a receipt to "read" while we were driving home from school.
GG: Mommy, I am going to read you the instructions.
Me: Ok.
GG: My cupcake is going to die, so I'm not going to eat it right now,
but I will still read the instructions to you, Mommy.
(I had just told her that my phone was going to die and that I needed to keep it plugged in.)

My aunt Debbie picked Greta up from school. 
I came to pick Greta up from Debbie's house,
 and Greta showed me a boo boo she had on her hand.
She proceeded to share her bandaid with me for my "boo boo" on my hand.
GG: Mommy, you don't feel good.
Me: I dont?
GG: No. I call the doctor.
She pretends to dial the phone and holds the receiver to her ear.
GG: Hello. My Mommy doesn't feel good. She will not be coming in today.
I'm going to take her to the doctor. Ok?

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