Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

^^^ Greta decided to be a monkey for her school Halloween party ^^^

^^^ Auntie Amanda stopped by for a visit on Halloween day ^^^
GG couldn't wait to show off her roar.

^^^ Alex and I took GG trick-or-treating at Yew Dell Gardens ^^^
It was a little too crowded for any of our taste's. 
GG preferred to roam the jungle (gardens) and practice her roar.

^^^ By the time evening came, I was a little worried that GG would run out of steam. ^^^
But, she rallied for about 10 houses. 
She thought trick-or-treating was so fun and loved taking her sweet time
going through the whole routine of saying "trick-or-treat," picking out her candy,
expressing gratitude, and waving good-bye.
Ten houses was about all I could handle when it was all said and done.

^^^ The following day I dressed GG in her Curious George dress, ^^^
thinking she would be so excited to see the monkey.
This was not the case.
She would not let me take a picture.
She had had enough.
I felt like such a horrible mother
encouraging her to smile for the picture when clearly she was upset.

^^^ After church she perked up and my sassy little princess returned. ^^^

^^^ We ended the Halloween weekend by hitting up our local Target ^^^
in search of clearance Halloween decor. 
GG scored with this lion mask.
She roared REALLY, REALLY loud when she put it on.

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