Thursday, December 24, 2015

According to Greta

We attended our church's Christmas Eve service this evening.

Greta had quite a lot to say.

During the sermon, our pastor was providing context for the season
before diving into the meat of his message.
He described how excited his children were for Santa to come.
At the mentioning of Santa's name,
GG turned to me, with eyes wide as saucers, and yelled: 

I have learned that GG does best when we sit in our church's balcony.
She has lots of room to roam but is still confined to a pew.
She likes peering out into the congregation and spotting all the babies
with their mommies and/or daddies.
Most of the time we are up there by ourselves or at the most with a few individuals.
This evening, however, an entire family of 7 came up to join us.
I am assuming this sweet man was the grandfather 
who happened to doze off during the sermon.
GG, the observant darling that she is, noticed right away,
marched across her pew until she was just inches from his peaceful face,
turned toward me and informed me (rather loudly) that, 
Then she walked back to me in her pew,
got very close to my face and placed her index finger to her mouth as she forcefully

I eventually got GG to settle a bit (with the help of snickerdoodle cookies).
She was listening to the sermon better than I realized,
because as our pastor was explaining Jesus as our shepherd
GG looked up at me and asked,
Shepherd? What's that?

I whispered in her ear,
A shepherd takes care of sheep. 
He leads and guides them.

To which she replied,
I have a sheep pillow.
I sleep there.
And that's when I get a paci.

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