Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

^^^ SANTA CAME! ^^^

^^^ GG was thrilled! ^^^

^^^ She knew exactly what to do! ^^^

^^^ And didn't waste any time getting started. ^^^

^^^ Remember in a previous post when I mentioned that GG asked Santa ^^^
for a pink monster with a red nose?
Well, I figured out days later that a pink "monster" 
was really pink play-doh
in Greta's world. 

^^^ It was everything she had wanted. ^^^

^^^ She also got princess panties. ^^^
(AKA Santa is strongly suggesting GG starts potty training ASAP.)

^^^ This was the pink monster I thought GG was actually hoping for. ^^^
She was pretty confused by it. 
It was NOT a hit.

^^^ Santa also brought her pink slippers. ^^^
She could not get those babies on fast enough.

^^^ We are so thankful Daddy could join us for opening Santa's presents. ^^^

^^^ GG adores her daddy! ^^^

^^^ GG was so excited to become a mermaid like Ariel. ^^^

^^^ Performing Ariel's solo. ^^^

^^^ Momma Gigi gave GG some cash money. ^^^
GG said, "Oh!! LOTS of MONEY!

^^^ GG's most favorite gift was her Anna dress. ^^^

^^^ GG loved her crowns. ^^^
She took the gold and gave me the silver (so I could be like Elsa).

^^^ Anna and Elsa are the best of friends. ^^^

^^^ Sweet girl needed a break while opening gifts. ^^^
Cookies and Tangled provided just the respite needed.

^^^ One of GG's favorite gifts came from Momma Gigi. ^^^

^^^ The lion flash light roars as it shines. ^^^

^^^ GG's first slinky. ^^^

^^^ GG got a "puppy" from Momma Gigi. ^^^
She named her Baby.

^^^ It has been such a warm winter. ^^^
We couldn't wait to play outside after opening gifts.

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