Thursday, March 17, 2016

According to Greta...

Yesterday, Greta and I sat ourside and enjoyed some cookies
in the sunshine while we read her
 most recent volume of Highlights magazine (c/o Mimi -- thank you, Mimi).
One of the short stories included a set of twins, Indi and Tex.
I turned to Greta and asked her if she knew any twins.
(She has twin cousins on her dad's side.)
She looked my right in the eye, smiled, pointed at her chest,
 and said, "Me and you!"

Melt my momma heart why don't you!?

* * * * * * * * * *

As I was putting Greta in her car seat, she said, 
"You are the mommy."
I replied, "Yes, I am."
She continued, "You are the mommy and I am the baby.
One day I will be the mommy."
I looked at her with excitement, "That would make me the GRANDmommy!"
She smiled back at me. 
Then I took the opportunity to strike up a deal.
I asked, "When you are the mommy, can I help you take care of your baby?"
She was thrilled and shrieked, "Yes!" with lots of giggles.

(So consider this a verbal contract that is now in writing.)

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