Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Spring has SPRUNG and we are having some fun!

^^^ Greta couldn't believe that our yard sprouted flowers. ^^^
She immediately remembered that flowers get thirsty and need water,
so she wanted to water them right away.
(Why this required a shirt removal, I am not exactly sure!? #threenagers)

^^^ A local church hosts a huge consignment sale twice a year. ^^^
I've always heard it was incredible but have never been able to make it to one of their sales.
That is until this year. 
I took GG with me (which I will probably never do again) and she spotted this Belle dress
from a mile away. It was the first thing she ran to and 
demanded that it be on her person within seconds.

^^^ She really hasn't taken it off since. ^^^

^^^ Last week the Easter bunny came to GG's school. ^^^
She had a mini-meltdown that morning thinking about sitting in his lap, 
but once she saw him she practically ran into his arms!

^^^ She was overjoyed that he was going to bring her a goody-basket in the coming week. ^^^

^^^ Aunt ReRe and Uncle Andy came in town for a night. ^^^
GG had to show off her Belle dress!

^^^ The weekend before Easter, ^^^
my other aunt's neighborhood hosted an egg hunt.
It was unreasonably cold and began to rain during the event,
so thankfully GG was content with one egg and then ready to leave!

^^^ Since she can't eat any of the Easter candy ^^^
I have been trying to give her a little bit extra of her allergy-safe chocolate.
She doesn't seem to mind one bit!

^^^ Easter morning, the bunny came inside while GG was searching for eggs outside^^^
and left tracks in our house
leading right up to GG's goody basket!

^^^ The Easter Bunny, (cough cough Momma Gigi), spoiled Greta rotten! ^^^

^^ It was such a fun holiday and I am so thankful for all who helped to make it special for my GG ^^

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