Thursday, January 24, 2013

Awkward & Awesome


Looking forward to eating my citrus fruit all morning.
Peeling said delicious fruit at lunch.
And then...
dropping it in my disgustingly dirty classroom sink.
Epic. Fail.

The amount of "baby" hair growing out of my part.
I look like I've stuck a fork in a socket at all times.
These little wisps are now about 2 inches long and sticking straight up.
Thank you pregnancy hormones.

Walking out of school and
 hearing a group of boys call my name from across the parking lot.
I wave & then overhear this awesome convo:

Boy 1: Dude, she is pregnant.
Boy 2: WHAT!? You can't even tell.
{Obviously this Boy #2 does not see me very often because you very much can tell.}
Boy 2: I could hit that.

Yes, boys, I am pregnant NOT DEAF!


Seeing G's beautiful face during an ultrasound this week.
My doctor wanted to check on my accessory placental lobe
and while we were doing so,
we also got a glimpse of her sweet little face
and the HAIR on her head!
Everything is looking good and, for that, I am grateful!!

4 day weeks!
Why, hello, weekend...
Yes, I would like for you to come quickly!

Strawberry Oreos...
These are so DELICIOUS, we deemed them "little slices of heaven"!!
And, you know I wouldn't make them if they weren't easy.
Double Score!

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