Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fine Print

A friend recommended this book to me 
when she found out I was pregnant.
She said it saved her life in the first few months of motherhood.
I found it at Half-Priced Books for under $5.

Dr. Karp's theory of using the 5 S's 
{swaddling, side/stomach, "shushing", swinging, and sucking}
to calm colicky babies seemed to make sense to me.
We will definitely give it a try
but I want to know if you read this book,
and, if so, how did the 5 S's work for you?

Also, did you read any other helpful books during pregnancy
that prepared you for motherhood?
What are your thoughts on Baby Wise?


Sara Beth said...

Works. Baby Wise was intense, I did it to an extent. Check out the Ferber method too, we mixed them and got great sleepers. Hope you guys are doing awesome!

Blair said...

Never read this book but the five S's are something we incorporated from the very beginning. I found Baby Wise to be helpful for establishing a routine but don't be too hard on yourself if Greta doesn't cooperate on their time table. And we used the Ferber method when sleep training. You'll be great!