Monday, February 18, 2013

Awkward & Awesome


Arriving to school and realizing
that I had rubbed my belly in some sort of something
while getting ready.
Not sure what caused the spot on my shirt
 but when your belly protrudes in front of you,
it is hard not to notice a big stain right below your belly button.
Can we say A-W-K-W-A-R-D!?

Not beating Sudoku for over two months!
You see, every night before I go to bed I play Extreme Sudoku.
Not trying to brag,
but most nights I fall asleep with the taste of sweet victory in my mouth.
For about two months now,
I have been robbed of any and all Sudoku wins.
I could blame exhaustion,
 and I do fall asleep before finishing most games,
but the real reason is PREGNANCY BRAIN.
It has taken over... for reals.
Like, I am convinced that Greta is eating my brain cells.


Thanks to some added lbs and a change in hormones,
this very frigid weather has felt rather refreshing.
I am the only one who leaves school with my coat in my hand
rather than on my back.
And when we had a fire drill the other day in the snow,
I was the only one in a t-shirt smiling.

Our new mandatory dinner dress code:
 pajeemies {what we call our pjs}.
Eating dinner in anything else just feels weird now.

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