Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekend Scrapbook

^^^ Alex and I have been busy attending classes at the hospital where Greta will be born.
The above handout is from the Labor & Delivery class. 
I laughed when the nurse first handed us this sheet,
not because I don't think it will come in handy,
because I am positive it will.
But there is something about the uterus being outlined 
and the awkwardness of some of those positions
{first and last squatting positions}
that made me giggle like an immature pre-teen. 
In addition to the L&D class,
we have taken a tour of the hospital,
I have attended a very helpful breastfeeding class,
and Al went to a class for new Daddios.
We are taking Infant CPR at the end of the month.^^^

^^^ This is me cuddling with Ms. Cody Bear
during the tornado warning a couple weeks ago.
She hates the basement but we distracted her by practicing our swaddling skills.^^^

^^^ My momma sent me one of my baby pictures for an upcoming shower. ^^^

^^^ My dad texted me this picture and it just about made me cry.
He is turning my old bedroom into a nursery for Greta and her cousin, Macklin.
My Mimi had the crib in her attic and neighbors have donated the clothes on the bed.
Those kids are going to love visiting their Papa P.^^^

^^^ Last week, the snow was so beautiful
that I stood barefoot on my front porch to catch it falling on our front yard.
The picture is definitely not capturing the sight but you will have to believe me --
it was beautiful. ^^^

^^^ I have officially moved my nesting out of the kitchen and into the closet.
The only task I did not complete was finding art for the main wall,
but we decided that we would reserve that spot for some B/Ws of G!^^^

^^^ My hubby is very sweet and brought me beautiful roses,
honeycrisp apples, and black & white cookies
to help make a real shitty day a little bit better.
It worked -- after a long, hard, ugly-faced, frustrated cry. ^^^

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