Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chocolate Graduation Caps

My cousin, Ethan, graduates from high school on Friday.
He is the baby of the family,
or I suppose he was the baby now that we have actual babies around,
and him graduating makes me feel impossibly old.

After his graduation ceremony Friday afternoon,
we are going to celebrate as a family with a little par-tay!
In honor of Ethan, I decided to contribute 
chocolate graduation caps using his school colors.

As you know, I prefer to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible.
However, these little guys were super fun to make!
{Think more arts-and-crafts than cooking.}
And BONUS! they are super cute decor...
DOUBLE BONUS!! they are super delicious to eat...
AND TRIPLE BONUS!!! they are super easy to create!

I mean how can you go wrong with a triple bonus treat?!

Here's the low-down:

Supplies Needed:
-M&M's (I picked out E's school colors)
-Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
-Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares
-Fruit by the Foot (I chose blue to match)

Step 1: Unwrap the chocolate

Step 2: Unroll the Fruit by the Foot

Step 3: Cut the Fruit by the Foot into strips to make the tassels

Step 4: Assemble using the Fruit by the Foot 
as you would a glue dot to stick everything together.

*TIP* Put the top together first, then place that on top of the peanut butter cup.
{I accidentally smashed too many cups by placing the M&M on the chocolate square too hard.}

And voila!
There you have it...
a TRIPLE BONUS graduation treat!


Alli said...

You had me at fruit by the foot :)
They look awesome!

Blair said...

I'm proud of you sister! Looks delish!