Saturday, June 22, 2013

Awkward & Awesome


I had just showered and brought GG downstairs
to get ready for a visit from a friend,
when I heard something fall upstairs.
I didn't think too much about it at first
and just assumed it was something propped up against the wall 
that maybe I nudged on the way downstairs
or that Cody might have hit as she jumped off the bed.
No big deal.

Greta and I were getting settled.
She was falling asleep in her rock 'n' play
and I was checking my e-mail 
when I heard Cody go apeshit.
I mean she was sprinting from room to room,
things were clinging and clanging,
more things were falling to the ground.

At first, I froze.
My heart was pounding.
Then, I decided to be brave and walk up the stairs
to check out whatever the hell was making all that ruckus.

I got about half way up the stairs,
saw Cody chasing something,
turned right around and started frantically texting Alex.
See below.

He immediately called after asking the dumbest question in the world.
(Clearly, everything was NOT okay!)
I explained the situation with a little more clarity
and told him I just couldn't bring myself to go upstairs.
At this point my very vivid imagination
had convinced me that there was a dragon of some sort 
on the floor above me.
So we decided that since the chase seemed to be over,
I would just stay downstairs with Greta for the rest of the day,
he would rush through work as fast as he could,
and he would deal with the what we hoped was a dead critter when he got home.

Game plan in place,
I tried to get settled again before my friend arrived
only to hear Cody start back up
and a loud THUD at the front door.

I peered around the corner 
to see a bird lying on the floor next to the front door
 flapping its left wing.
Y'all, this freaked me out to the max times ten.
Completely unsure of how to handle this situation,
I started shaking and froze again.
I called Alex back and informed him that despite my conviction there was no dragon 
upstairs but that it was a bird that was now dying in the foyer of our house.

At this very moment, in walks my friend.
I try to warn her before she walks in the door
but she came in before I could get all of the words from my frazzled brain
out of my mouth into coherent sentences.


And you know what she did?
She took one look at the bird,
scooped him out the door with her foot,
and carried on like nothing had happened.

She will forever be my Prince Phillip
{from Sleeping Beauty}.

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