Monday, June 24, 2013


^^^ GG entertaining herself as we we venture out and about. ^^^
Does she not look more and more like Alex everyday {especially without her headband}?

^^^ Little Miss Happy Pants ^^^
hamming it up for the iPhone!

^^^ Remember my nesting list? ^^^
I finally found something worthy of hanging
on our large kitchen wall.
A wreath with pictures of my sweet GG
{taken by the talented Jenna Maddux} on either side.

^^^ Visiting {and celebrating} with our dear friend, Audrey. ^^^
She just got engaged to the love of her life,
and we could not be happier for her and hers 
and their happiness.

^^^ Excuse the mess behind me, ^^^
but I had to show off my most recent Walmart purchase.
This perfectly floppy hat only set me back $7!

^^^ Saturday, the girls and I celebrated Amanda's 30th birthday ^^^
at the French Lick Resort & Spa.
Leaving Greta for the night was hard, 
but having these ladies by my side made it not so painful.

^^^ The dome at West Baden ^^^ 
{which is just down the street from French Lick}. 
It was truly gorgeous.
When we first walked into this hotel,
we all started whispering because we felt so out of place.
You know, like, we are totally-not-posh-enough-to-be-here kind of out of place.
We stayed for a drink and marveled at the beautiful architecture
before heading back to French Lick's casino.

^^^ Squishy Tushy back at home. ^^^
{pre-bath time}

^^^ Eli & Greta meeting for the first time. ^^^
Katey and I grew up as neighbors and best of friends,
and now we hope our girls will do the same.

^^^ My beautiful girl, ^^^
the love of my life.

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