Monday, July 22, 2013

Frozen Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

 Since I can no longer eat my usual desserts of choice: 
either my body weight in Sour Patch Kids (corn)
or my body weight in homemade cookies (butter & eggs),
I've had to do some research on delicious but simple dessert recipes
to get me through this dietary transition.
{The ingredients listed in parenthesis are the ones to which Greta is allergic.}

I actually stumbled upon the idea of strawberry chocolate cups on Instagram.
They looked so delicious that I quickly turned to Pinterest to do some more thorough research.
After discovering several recipes, I decided to wing it --
if you can consider this winging it.
It's really just a chocolate covered strawberry in a muffin tin,
but you know, I would have never thought of that
and to give myself some credit there were several ways to approach it.

^^^ Trader Joe's Coconut Oil ^^^
Fresh strawberries, cut into bite sized pieces
Enjoy Life chocolate chips, 
you can us regular chocolate chips if you have no allergy restrictions {obvi}
Mini muffin tin

^^^ I didn't use any specific measurements ^^^
but I just poured some chocolate chips in a microwaveable bowl,
added a scoop of coconut oil,
 microwaved the combo for a minute,
and then stirred until it was smooth.

^^^ I added a dollop of chocolate ^^^
to the bottom of the mini muffin tin
and then dropped in several strawberry bites.
Then I drizzled more chocolate on top until the strawberries were mostly covered.

^^^ I froze them for several hours. ^^^

^^^ Voila ^^^
Frozen Chocolate-Covered Strawberries!

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Blair said...

So proud of your kitchen adventures! Your strawberries look delish :)