Sunday, July 21, 2013


^^^ Late last week, ^^^
Alex and I took Greta on an evening stroll.
No, we did not get caught in a rain storm this time...
that is actually sweat that is making Al's hair wet.
It was the most humid (aka miserable) walk of the summer.

^^^ So, the next night I kept things real classy ^^^
by stripping GG of all clothing.
If her expression is any indication,
I don't think she minded.

^^^ In fact, she fell asleep pretty quickly ^^^
while we were strolling.
I just love when she sleeps with her hand on her cheek.

^^^ GG made a new friend this week. ^^^
Her name is Sophie, and she likes to snuggle.

^^^ Friday I went to school to check on my classroom ^^^
for the first time since GG was born.
It was a little overwhelming to be back
but I was so encouraged when I found a stack of five children's books
on my desk, each one signed by a different class period.
It melted my heart.

^^^ Saturday, we met Papa P at the Farmer's Market ^^^
to do a little grocery shopping for the week.
It was so fun to see my daddio in his element {he is a very talented chef}.
He gave me the rundown of all the booths and helped me pick the best grub from each.

^^^ This girl can bust a move, I tell ya. ^^^
She takes after her father in that way.

^^^ Saturday evening Momma Gigi came to babysit ^^^
while Alex and I celebrated our third anniversary
with a date downtown.

^^^ We decided to trek up the Walking Bridge ^^^
after dinner but didn't even make it up the ramp before I decided that 
my heels + the glass of wine I had at dinner that left me uber tipsy + walking =
not the best combo.
We parked it on a bench swing instead and enjoyed each other's company
while witnessing many games of football and a pretty stellar breakdancing performance.

^^^ Since we didn't get to put GG to be last night ^^^
I needed lots of extra snuggle time this morning.

^^^ We took Greta to church for the first time today. ^^^
She was super pumped when we told her where we were going.

^^^ I was pretty nervous about her crying out in the middle of a prayer ^^^
but she did great. She loved the music and slept through most of the service.
It was a pretty amazing experience to attend church with my daughter.
I'm not going to lie, I was pretty weepy during worship. :)

^^^ After church, we drove to Frankfort ^^^
to meet my dear friend, Audrey, and her fiancé, Justin,
for lunch at Panera. It's always a pleasure seeing those two!

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