Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nothing but Nesting

Even though our Greta Grace is no longer in the womb,
I still have this compulsive need to nest.
It's not quite as
and more
One of the lingering projects from my original nesting list
was to hang artwork above the couch in our living room.
I defintely tackled this nesitng task in stages
and at a snail's speed at that too.
Before GG was born,
we bought this calendar on clearance at the Paper Source.
It was one of our last walks as a family of two,
we had a gift card,
and I had lofty ambitions of crafting while our babe snoozed sweetly by my side.
We are looking at over 4 months of stop-and-go progress here.
I carefully cut the calendar portion off of each page,
as well as, the rough edges at the top from tearing it out of the spiral.
After Greta was born,
I ordered these mats off of Amazon.
I forget how much they cost but I remember it wasn't bad for a set of 10.
Much to my disappointment,
after cutting the calendar pages I realized that the images were
about 1/2 an inch shy of the mats' frame.
After several weeks of thinking,
I finally came up with the idea of creating the illusion of a double mat
by taping ribbon onto the back of the white mats.
I meticulously measured and taped on to the back of each mat
to make sure the border was even on all sides
while GG worked on her tummy time.
Once the ribbons were in place,
I taped my 10 favorite calendar pages into the 10 mats.

 With the calendar pages matted,
I stalked Hobby Lobby's weekly deals
until their ready-made picture frames were 50% off.
I think when it was all said and done, we spent about $50 on the frames

We chose to hang only 8 of the 10 frames
because 10 seemed to be a little crowded above our couch.

And, there you have it!
The whole project cost under $100,
which I think is pretty good considering it is occupying a pretty large wall.
Despite taking me 1/3 of a year to complete,
I think it was well worth the {time} investment.
I like that if we move or can later afford a large artwork to hang above the couch,
we have a series of framed pieces that we can rearrange wherever and however we like. 


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