Sunday, August 18, 2013

Scrapbook: First week of work

Some of the highlights from my first week back at school:

^^^ Monday morning, I found this ^^^
awesome card from my husby in my work bag.

It definitely made me laugh...
almost made me cry.

^^^ But then, I unwrapped this picture frame ^^^
and didn't stand a chance.
With tears in my eyes, I drove to work
only to be surprised once again upon my arrival
with the most beautiful white roses
sent from our sweet Greta Grace.
She's so thoughtful, right?!


^^^ GG's daycare doesn't open until tomorrow, ^^^
so the sweetest family offered to watch her for my first week back at school.
They live just seconds away from NOHS
and brought babygirl to me during my lunch for some midday snuggles.
Their thoughtfulness, generosity, and kindness warmed my heart in ways words can not describe.
I feel so blessed to know them and to have them in my life.

Pulling into their subdivision, 
I was super encouraged by the beautiful horse farm 
that is attached to the front of their neighborhood.
They must LOVE seeing this picturesque scene every morning.

^^^ Momma Gigi sent baby GG a package ^^^
with this hat {and some darling socks} in it.
Daycare is not going to know how to handle
her cuteness come wintertime.
That Momma Gigi is truly the sweetest.

^^^ All week long, I received the most adorable GG texts ^^^
from Meredith and her mom.
It was super helpful in easing my anxious heart to see her 
happy, content, and so well taken care of.

^^^ Not only is Meredith the best babysitter, ^^^
she is also the most thoughtful friend!
She totally surprised me with this sweet painting of GG's feet
to hang in my classroom.  
{Seriously?! This girl is a saint!}
God has been so gracious to me in placing this family in my life
and I claim Meredith as Greta's lifelong babysitter!

^^^ My cousin, Brooke, snuggling GG before heading to work. ^^^

My aunt, Debbie, watched GG Friday because Meredith went out of town
and her mom had to work.
Words can not describe how thankful I am to have my sweet family
take such wonderful care of our girl.
My aunt has been watching Greta once a week all summer long
and it has been the hugest blessing.
There is no way to explain the comfort I feel when GG is in Debbie's care.
Let's just say, I can breathe {like full, deep breaths} while I am away.

^^^ We have been staying in bed just a little bit longer this weekend.^^^

^^^ And despite the fact that GG did great all week long, ^^^
she was most definitely WORN out this weekend. 
Most of Saturday, she snoozed hard.

^^^ My heart was full when these beauties from my in-laws were delivered Saturday. ^^^

^^^ Being together as a family at the end of my first work week was extra special. ^^^
I have never felt so grateful for a Saturday as I did yesterday.
We celebrated in the afternoon 
by mimicking GG's expression in some family portrait selfies.

Sundays, we have decided, are going to be our protected time as a family.
We are going to be wise in planning time with others 
and intentional about keeping Sundays just for us.
With that being said, I am off to cherish my little family.
Have a great {and restful} Sunday!

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