Friday, August 16, 2013

^^^ We did it! ^^^

I survived my first week of work.
My first week without Greta in my arms 
for the majority of the day.

Greta survived not being with her mama 24/7.

And, Alex survived balancing the emotional roller coaster
his wife was aboard and making sure his girls' needs were met.

We all made it.


Honest to goodness, it was not nearly as torturous as I had anticipated.
Surprisingly, no tears were shed while at work.
This was in large part to having the most caring and generous
family  babysitting Greta this first week of school
to help with the transition.
They were so kind to bring GG up to school during my lunch
so I could get some midday snuggles with my little lady.

Thanks for the constant stream of encouragement everyone.
I could not have made it without y'all.

Pictures to come soon of my first week back at school!

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