Monday, September 2, 2013

Awkward & Awesome


While stopped at a red light on my way to work last week,
I looked over out my passaenger side window
and saw one of my former co-workers also waiting for the light to turn green
in the lane next to mine.
It took us a minute to recognize each other
but once we did we squealed and smiled and squealed some more.
Then she started to roll down her window.
You see, my car has manual locks and manual windows.
I've been embarrassed many times by this fact,
mainly when babysitting and the kiddos have NO IDEA what the hand crank is for
and innocently ask in what year my car was made {2010, in case you were wondering}.
But, I also get super embarrassed when a situation like the other morning occurs
because I have to practically lay down in order to roll down the window.
So, I squealed and smiled and squealed some more
and then disappeared from her view as I laid down to
hand crank my passenger-side window.
We chatted for the 30 seconds remaining at the red light
and then went on our way once it turned green.
And, yeah, I had to drive the rest of my commute with the passenger-side window down.
*     *    *
My next awkward moment is also brought to you
by my driving adventure to work.
My commute is easily 25 minutes, sometimes, it's 30.
It all depends upon traffic and the number of red lights I catch.
Anywhoo, about 20 minutes into my drive
I realized I had had a song playing on repeat.
Yes, I went
T W E N T Y    M I N U T E S
without realizing that I was listening to the same song
over and over and over and over and over.
In fact, I even thought to myself about 15 minutes in,
Hmmm... I feel like that lyric is in a lot of songs on this album.
Why it took me an additional 5 minutes to realize
I had accidentally hit the repeat button at the start of my drive,
I will never know.

Last week, I was running late.
Normally, this wouldn't be that big of a deal.
I usually arrive to school with 45 minutes to spare
before the start-of-school bell rings.
But, this morning I had a parent meeting an hour before the start of school.
Things are a little more complicated in the mornings now
with breastfeeding, pumping, and getting myself ready for the day.
And, there is quite the domino effect if I hit snooze one too many times.
Well, on this particular day, I just could not get my behind out of bed.
I hit snooze.
I hit snooze again.
I might have even hit snooze one more time.
You really can't rush the first two tasks in my morning sequence of three,
so I was kind of frantic when I was trying to get myself dressed and out the door.
I drove like a freaking maniac trying to get to school.
{Don't worry, Alex takes Greta to daycare.}
I nervously noticed every time the minutes digit changed
on my car clock.
By the time I pulled into the teacher parking lot,
my hands and knees were shaking from guilt
for being 20 minutes late to the parent meeting.
I ran straight into school,
nearly taking out every student and teacher in my path,
and sprinted straight into the meeting room.
Upon entering, I saw the three other teachers included in the meeting
standing up with their belongings in hand.
My heart sank.
Gasping for breath, I excalimed,
"I missed them! I missed the parents! I missed the meeting, didn't I?"
To which the other teachers looked at me annoyingly
and responded,
"No! The parents never showed up."


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