Monday, September 23, 2013


^^^ I had to post these precious bella baby pictures ^^^
of sweet Dempsey Kerry.
Yes, I shamelessly took screenshots on my phone of the slideshow photos.
I couldn't help myself!
I don't even care that "bella baby" is plastered across his face,
he is still the cutest there ever was!

^^^ In other nephew news, Macklin is adjusting well. ^^^
My brother sent me this picture and said they were going for a walk
 to let little D and mommy sleep.
I tell you what, those boys, they are going to be trouble.
And I think they will get away with murder.
I mean they both have me wrapped around their little fingers.

^^^ Saturday, we packed up the car and took a little overnight trip to Lexington. ^^^

Our first stop: Raven's Run.
When I attended UK, my dad and I would hike these trails 
several times each spring and fall.
It became my most favorite spot in Lexington during the 5 years I lived there
{I had a super-senior year ;) - don't judge. }.
I hadn't been back since Alex and I started dating in 2009.
It is even prettier than I remember!
We only hiked a short trail, but our first family hike = great success!

^^^ Exploring downtown Lexington Saturday afternoon. ^^^

One of my former college professors had an art show on exhibit 
at the cutest boutique in downtown Lexington.
We admired not only her artwork but also the store's eccentric accessories.
{I wonder if I should save this picture for GG's graduation in 18 years.}

^^^ Saturday evening, we headed to Jean Farris winery ^^^
to celebrate my dear friend's 30th birthday.
Crista and I met teaching at NOHS, 
and now she is in her second year of med school at UK.

To say I miss her is quite the understatement.

Crista is, honestly, one of the best friends God has ever blessed me with.
She is loyal beyond compare, 
and a constant source of encouragement.
She has stood beside me through some pretty dark storms and
has been gentle and kind toward me when I have been anything but.
She lovingly points out the lies I believe and shares truth with me on a regular basis.
We have cried together, laughed together, 
prayed together, and danced together.
We have even done cartwheels in my classroom together!
{Now that's a true friend.}
I feel so honored to have her as my bestie.
God is going to do amazing things through this one.

^^^ Sunday morning I had the great pleasure of brunching ^^^
with two of my best friends from college.
Becky teaches art in Austin, TX and I miss her dearly.
Truth be told, she is the reason I graduated college.
Whenever I was lost or overwhelmed, {graduating with two majors was not easy}
she always gave me the rundown and kept me on track.
I pretty much owe her my life.

Audrey, the newlywed{who is still glowing}, lives in Lexington
but with her working mostly evenings and weekends the past few years
our schedules have not been as compatible as we wish.
So to see her twice in one month has been DA BEST EVAH!

These two are such beautiful and fun friends.
I left brunch on cloud nine.

^^^ Shortly after returning home from Lexington on Sunday, ^^^
Papa P paid us a visit and GG took advantage of his comfy belly.
She was such a trooper the whole weekend as we whizzed from place to place,
but I think we may have worn her out just a tad.

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