Monday, July 21, 2014

DIY: Pom Pom Shorts

I've been bitten by the bug.
The pom pom bug.

Pom Poms are EVERYWHERE,
and I adore them on EVERYTHING!
Shorts, dresses, shirts, hats, blankets, pillows, placemats.
You name it, and I will take it pom-pommed.

But, you know what I don't adore?
The skyrocketing price tags on all these 
 fuzzy-balled hems.
I mean, seriously, it is just a little extra (albeit adorable) fabric.
How can it inflate the price so much?

So, I decided to buy some pom pom trim,
and pommify some shorts myself. 

I bought these shorts from the clearance section of Piperlime.
I think they were an additional percentage off,
because I know I didn't spend $30 on them
but I forget how much I spent exactly.
I promise it was cheap.

I got the pom pom trim from Hobby Lobby for under $3.00,
and I already owned the E-6000 (aka the best glue in the world).

I simply glued the trim along the hemline of the shorts 
and used a small binder clip as a clamp to hold it in place while drying.

There you have it,
my new pom pom shorts! 


To see a denim variation and slightly different approach to the DIY,
check out Danielle's version on her blog.


danielle * lou what wear * said...

ahhh these are so cute! i love them!!! great idea with the binder clip.

Anne said...

These are pretty darn cute shorts to begin with, and I love how the pom pom addition turned out. I love that it doesn't require sewing skills too :)