Friday, July 18, 2014

Scrapbook: Boston

With over 100 teachers in attendance and needing to get back to their respective homes,
Monday was a bit of a free-for-all.
My flight home was not until early evening,
so I jumped on board with a group planning on taking the tour of Fenway Stadium.

I'm not a HUGE sports fan, 
in the sense that I don't really follow sports (not meaning that I dislike sports),
and was sort of on the fence about this taking this tour. 
It cost money. It was on a travel day. Yadayadayada.
But, I am SO glad I went.

Fenway is beautiful and has such charm.
The tour itself was awesome and helped a rookie like me understand
Fenway's significance in not only the sports world, but in American history as well.

^^^ The red seat highlights the placement of the furthest hit home run within the stadium. ^^^^

After the tour, we set out by foot to explore 
Copley Square, Newbury Street (again),
and surrounding areas.

^^^ I feel pretty confident this is the only time I will be crossing this infamous finish line. ^^^

^^^The Boston fire dept was on site checking out the Nike store on Newbury Street. ^^^
I am not sure what was going on, 
but is it wrong that I didn't notice because  these were the most attractive firemen I have ever seen in all my life?!
Like, total stereotypical way-hot men putting out a fire. Talk about steamy!
(Don't worry, babe. None of them were as hot as you!! xoxo)

After our last walk through the city,
we headed to the airport and said our good-byes.

Boston, you are one hellavuh city! 
I won't dare to visit in the winter, but I do hope to be back!
Thank you EF for the amazing training and giving us a tour of such a magnificent town.

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