Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Scrapbook: Forecastle

^^^ This past weekend, Alex and I attended Forecastle Music Festival ^^^
on the waterfront of our beloved city.
We are super proud to have such an amazing event take place in Louisville.
Alex and I discussed how nice it was to have such a diverse group of people all in one place,
enjoying the same event. Way to go, L'ville!

This is the third year in a row that Alex and I have attend Forecastle.
For all of you One Tree Hill fans, I did take an online Buzzfeed quiz to determine
 to which OTH character I was most similar and, without a doubt, I was Peyton.
(For the record, Alex was Lucas. Awwww!!)

^^^ We loved hanging with our bests, Amanda and Julio, throughout the weekend. ^^^

^^^ This year we bought tickets to the Bourbon Lounge. ^^^
We bought tickets for the air conditioning,
last year was brutal in the heat,
but this year the weather was pretty mild and the AC wasn't as needed.
We enjoyed the lounge nonetheless. 
It was beautiful inside with stations for each participating distillery.
In the center of the lounge there was a station to mix your bourbon into a cocktail.

^^^ Friday we saw Local Natives, Twenty One Pilots, and here we are waiting for Outkast. ^^^

^^^ I wasn't so sure if I was going to enjoy Outkast Friday evening, ^^^
but Alex and company were super pumped.
Turns out, Outkast puts on one hellavuh show.
We had a blast dancing the night away!!

^^^ Saturday we started with Lord Huron ^^^
Awesome band! Highly recommend!!

^^^ Followed by Jason Isbell, Johnnyswim (pictured above), and Band of Horses ^^^
All were spectacular BUT JOHNNYSWIM was superb!!!!!
Tears were in my eyes as they performed.
Lucky for us, not so much for them, they played nearly at the same time 
as Band of Horses. The audience was pretty small for Johnnyswim,
which was great for us because we were able to stand really close to the stage,
but it kind of broke my heart for them.
This couple is LEGIT! 
If you haven't heard of them, 
do yourself a favor and listen to this song right here.

^^^ Listening to Band of Horses ^^^
I can't believe I was in need of my fleece vest
for an outdoor concert in humid Louisville, KY in the middle of JULY!

^^^ Jack White played Saturday night ^^^
but us old folks couldn't hang.
We stayed to listen to a few songs (he was killing it),
 but then bounced to get a good night's rest.

^^^ Sunday was HOT! ^^^
Literally and figuratively!
I was most excited to see Ray Lamontagne
who performed at 8:30 that night.
I was determined to get a front row spot for his concert,
so we stayed at his stage the entire day.

^^^ We first heard Trampled by Turtles ^^^
They were great!
So much energy, so many instruments.

^^^ My dear friend, Emily, came for Sunday's festivities. ^^^
She managed to push her way to the front to find me!

^^^ Nickel Creek performed next. ^^^
Man, were they awesome!!

^^^ They were so fun to watch because you could truly see in their eyes how ^^^
humbled they were by the crowd. We were pretty close to the front, 
in fact there was only one person between me and the railing, 
but I could just sense a large mass of people behind me.

^^^ And then came RAY! ^^^

Since before Alex and I were dating I have been wooed by this man.
As Al would describe him,
he sounds like "an angel who smokes two packs a day."
We have always said that whenever he came to town,
or even close to town, 
we would most definitely see him.

^^^ The person in front of me during Nickel Creek decided to leave before Ray ^^^
so I was up against the railing for his performance.

Seriously, PINCH ME!!!!!

^^^ Nickel Creek watching Ray ^^^

^^^ During the final song, ^^^
the mandolin player and singer from Nickel Creek, Chris Thile,
joined Ray for the finale.

^^^ Look at Chris' face! Ha!! He might be as big of a fan of Ray as me! ^^^

This year's Forecastle experience was just plain awesome.
I am looking forward to next year,
but I seriously doubt any lineup could top front row Ray Lamontagne!

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Blair said...

Yay! So glad y'all had such a great weekend! I've seen Nickel Creek live and they were amazing! And Ray is one of the bests!