Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Boo at the Zoo || Year Two

Hold on to your horses 
because this post has a lot of photographs!
We met the Norton crew at the Louisville Zoo 
for Boo at the Zoo for the second year in a row.
Last year it was FREEZING,
this year not so much. 
Greta enjoyed reaching for candy at the various vendor stops
but didn't really find the experience as magical as I was anticipating.
However, it was super fun to watch Eli (who is two and a half) light up.
He was particularly fond of all the animals and, in fact, 
was a little disappointed more were not out to trick or treat with us.
Oh, and Olaf, of course. He was really, very excited to see him.

^^^ Following the "Yellow Brick Road" ^^^

^^^ Searching for animals ^^^
I think the large crowd had most of them in hiding.

^^^ Greta looks like an absolute boy here, but Eli is precious as pie. ^^^

^^^ Dancing to her jam. ^^^

^^^ The boys with their (empty) strollers. ^^^

I can't wait for Greta to enjoy this experience -- haha!
Maybe next year :)

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