Thursday, January 17, 2013

Awkward & Awesome

Awkward & awesome
 things from last week include:


Sagging maternity jeans.
I mean I love the stretch but when they start slipping down my behind
how am I supposed to pull them up?
From the top of my belly? Really!?
It doesn't work -- I tried.
I think they need to have belt loops on maternity pants just for this reason alone.

Developing a stye on my eye
which prevented me from wearing eye makeup to school
and within 30 seconds of walking in the building
having a student ask me if I was sick.
To which I replied, "Yes, yes, I am."
A stye is an infection right?!
So, technically I was sick.

Triangle tummy.
Whenever I am in a reclining position
and contract my abs to pull myself up,
my whole belly turns into a pyramid
 with my belly button at the top.
It is so weird.

Feeling G kick and laughing out loud
no matter who is around.
I look like a looney chuckling to myself.


Sour Patch watermelon slices.
Need I say more?
All citrus foods have won me over at this point
and while Sour Patch delivers no nutritional value,
it sure does make my taste buds sing.

My Mimi randomly making us a whole corned beef.
It's my favorite.
She loves us.

Discovering tv show, Scandal,
and watching the whole first season in two nights.

Well, this one has happened yet
but just knowing it is near
has made the week go by much faster.

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