Thursday, March 28, 2013

Awkward & Awesome

Unamed relative upon seeing me for the first time in a while: "WOW! You used to be so skinny!"
Me: "Uh.... {mortified...
 because how do you really respond to that?
Here are the options that ran through my mind:
 "Thanks" -- but that just didn't seem right since it wasnt really a compliment
"Are you calling me fat?" -- no, I am pregnant --
surely, she was not meaning to call a pregnant woman fat
not even the cookiest of cooks would do that, right?!
"You used to be so skinny!" -- BLAM-O, take that!
No, that would certainly cause a stir.
Live with grace, Taylor, live with grace.
so, I settled for...
...yeah, I know."
We have all of next week off!!!
I have already scheduled WAY too much to do to consider it a real break
 but I am so thankful for the opportunity
 to take care of some much needed items on my way overwhelming to-do list.

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