Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nothing but Nesting

I know it's been a while since I've posted about my little nesting frenzy,
but don't worry she hasn't gone anywhere.
She did take a back seat to my exhaustion for a while
but now that she has returned in full force I am faced with the daily battle
of giving in to sleep or organizing/cleaning.
Sleep still wins on most occasions
but once I get rolling on the nesting train,
there is little that can stop me! 
Despite my failure to document the following accomplished tasks,
I thought I would still share with you
my progress on the original nesting list:


-Rearrange furniture
-Make guest bed
-Deep clean bathroom
-Organize clutter in unfinished section
-Organize desk to file important documents
^^^ The basement is the biggest pain in our rear! ^^^
 We have SO much to organize that it feels WAY overwhelming.
We have decided that if we get to it before GG arrives, great!
But if we don't, it won't be the end of the world either.

Downstairs Closet
-Organize & de-clutter

-Organize platter cabinet
-Deep clean refrigerator & freezer
-Organize & toss expired products in pantry
-Find art for main wall

Family Room

-Art & baskets to make room cozier
^^^ Still looking for some large scale art. ^^^
I don't want to rush this decision and
I guess GG won't really care whether there is art in our family room or not.

-Order basket for daily junk

G's Room
-Deep clean
-Wash sheets, burp cloths, bibs, etc.
-Hang artwork
-Organize bookshelf
-Organize closet
^^^ This is our top priortiy! ^^^
Now that I have had my last shower,
we can really tackle the finishing touches on GG's nursery.
I didn't want to wash things too early
because knowing my neurotic self
I would feel the need to wash them again right before she arrives.
We did purchase detergent safe to use on GG's clothes and sheets
and plan to wash things over Spring Break {which is next week -- woo woo!}
We are also taking a day trip to Cinci soon and
 plan to hit up IKEA for some much needed furniture
and while there will also pick up some white picture frames for GG's nursery art.
Then we can hang all of her artwork!
I have just been lazy on the bookshelf.
Got to get a move on it though --
this little lady will be here before you know it!

Guest Room
-Organize closet
-Toss unwanted items (books, frames, etc) from bookshelf
^^^ Eh!? Not sure when I will get around to this one! ^^^

Upstairs Bathroom
-Organize closet & toss unwanted products
-Deep clean cabinet drawers
^^^ Definitely want to deep clean before GG's arrival. ^^^

Master Bedroom
-Go through clothes/jewelry/accessories & donate unwanted items
-Utilize under bed storage
-Wash quilt & pillow shams
^^^ This is the tricky spot. ^^^
We are hoping to get a new bed before GG arrives
{upgrade to KING baby!!}
and, therefore, I have felt completely unmotivated to organize anything in our bedroom.
I know that doesn't really make sense but it will be a big change in our room
and I guess I have been avoiding cleaning it up knowing that change is still to come.
Also, going through clothes while pregnant is a joke!
I don't know what I want to keep/toss/donate right now!!!
Don't make me decide!
Silly, silly me!
Maybe next year when my body has adjusted
to not having a human growing inside of it for a while.
I did, however, sort through my jewelry and discarded all my unwanted pieces.

And, now ... the new list!
This one has a little more perspective
and focus on the princess that will be arriving shortly!

1. Finish writing all thank you notes for GG's gifts
2. Pack hospital bag
3. Install car seat in both cars & have them inspected at local fire station
4. Pack diaper bag -- not sure if I need to do this now but it would make me feel better
5. Finish GG's nursery
6. Prep for at-home recovery
7. Deep clean entire house
8. Make prepared meals ahead of time to keep in freezer
9. Set up rock 'n play in bedroom
10. Get hair cut & colored
Moms, anything I am leaving out?
I am such a rookie,
I could use any and all advice you are willing to share!
4.5 more weeks until GG's DUE DATE!

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